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Post by fluffalofdeath on Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:33 pm

Hey guys this is my fluffal build
3X fluffal dog
3x fluffal wings
3X fluffal mouse
3X fluffal penguin
3X fluffal bear
2X edge imp sabres
2X edge imp chains
1X fluffal owl
1X fluffal cat
1X fluffal sheep
1X fluffal leo
1X edge imp saw
1X king of the swamp
1X fluffal octopus

Spells 16
3X toy vendor
3X mystical space typhoon
2X frightfur fusion
2X polymerization
2X instant fusion
1X fusion substitute
1X upstart goblin
1X one for one
1X fusion recycling plant

Traps 3
1X bottomless trap hole
1X mirror force
1X black horn of heaven

Extra deck 15
3X frightfur sabre-tooth
2X frightfur wolf
2X frightfur sheep
1X frightfur bear
1X frightfur leo
1X frightfur tiger
1X frightfur kraken
1X elder entity norden
1X bahamut shark
1X toadally awesome


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