Deck Building Challenge [EDIT]

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Deck Building Challenge [EDIT]

Post by Entr000py on Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:12 pm

::: Deck Building Challenge Tournament :::

Format : TCG Advance Swiss
Start Date : TBD
Meet-Up Time : TBD
Archtype List :
Yugioh Card DB :

- Each participating duelist is to give the host a yugioh non-meta-tier1 Archtype (i.e. harpie, crystal beast, etc.) which will be collected into a list pool. Each participant will then be randomly given a Archtype from this pool collection to completely build their deck upon...

Deck Building Guidelines:
- Each deck built must consist of cards that is at the very least 51% card Archtype related. Archtype Card means it either has the "Archtype Name" as part of the card name or is part of a card's effect description. (i.e. if building a 40 card deck, 21 must be Archtype related; that 29 if including a full 15 card extra deck). Submit decklist to host with marker (*) on Archtype cards for easy review.
- While not all Archtypes may not have enough cards to fill the 51% requirement (i.e. iron chain only has 5), that player must simply max out all cards related to the theeme in their deck (3 of each in the deck/extra) and build from there despite restrictions.
- The number of Archtype cards ratio also determines your end match score.
- Total Cards = Main Deck Cards + Extra Deck
- no zoo and draco cards allowed.
- no side decking.

Scoring System:
- Tournament will be swiss format single duels to keep things fast paced but also to be more critically challenging in deck building. Choose your cards wisely.
- After each Swiss Duel, the winner will be scored based on this formula:

RemainingLP = (Winner's end of duel Life Points) - (Opponent's end of duel Life Points)
PurityRatio = (TotalArchtypedCardsInDeck / TotalCardsInBuild)
DuelScore = (RemainingLP x PurityRatio)


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