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Post by Entr000py on Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:50 am

Hi, my name is Karlo. I'm from Michigan, an IT professional, married and father of twins. People say I'm very creative, easy to get along with, can be stubborn at times, enjoys life, games, puzzles, technology and have a competitive spirit. I have been a duelist and a part of this game for a very long time. I have grown-up playing this game since my collage years having considered this game as a metaphor about many things in my life. I have always declared myself as a rogue player since as I tend to shy away from the current popular meta decks and would rather create a personally customized deck. I enjoy a good duel as much as watching it unfold from the sidelines specially with odd strategies I've never seen before. When I was introduced to this game, I enjoyed it for the pure challenge of building an all-common deck built to take down high rarity decks and it was fun. Like many other duelist, I've met many great people through this game and some not so good. People have come and gone while good ones stuck with me through thick and thin to be long time friends. I have hopes in finding the same with DSX and, just like what fluff said, perhaps we'll meet in person someday at Regional or YCS.

This year, 2017, its hard to narrow down what deck I really want to play although I know I would like to explore the potential of pendulums more and the upcoming link monsters...

Favorite Series:
- 5D's
Favorite Character(s):
- Rafael (DM), Yusei Fudo (5Ds), Team Taiyo (5Ds), Declan Akaba (Arc-V)
Favorite Card(s):
- Relinquished (my first high rarity card), Rescue Cat, Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo
Previous Deck(s):
- Naturia Fruit Salad, Hellbeasts, Dark Mist Valley, Chronomally, Scraps, Ritual Beasts
Current Deck(s):
- Shiranui w/ Extra Sword, DDD/Contracts, Fluffs



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